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Brushless Engraving Kit

Each kit comes with a complete set of advanced quality tools and accessories proven to enhance performance on all your engraving projects.

Our latest engraving tools have been used and tested by a group of professional engraving artists who have worked with international luxury brands.

Here at the iNGk Studio, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional service to our customers and clients at all our live engraving events, and having a professional engraving tool plays an important part in delivering these results.

Our engraving tool can be used on a diverse range of surfaces including glass, ceramic, marble, metal, and some plastics.


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Brushless Engraving Kit

Each kit comes with a complete set of advanced quality tools and accessories proven to enhance performance on all your engraving projects.

Our engraving tool can be used on a diverse range of surfaces including glass, ceramic, marble, metal, and some plastics.

Description – Engraving Tool:

  • Portable and rechargeable – Can be used cordless for up to 5 hours
  • Quiet and low vibration – Can be used in-store without causing any distractions to customers and staff
  • Comfort – Engrave for hours without any discomfort, using the hand-contoured grip
  • Smooth engraving with a fast and adjustable rotation speed of up to 35,000RPM
  • Stay in control – Easily see your remaining battery level on the LED display screen
  • Both left and right handed use with the forward and reverse two-way switch
  • Increased efficiency with the play and pause function
  • Safe – You won’t burn yourself as the handpiece is made from a high quality aluminum which produces low heat
  • Easily change speed with the variable speed control knob
  • Compact – Takes up very little space as the machine is small and compact – main machine size (approx.): L15.5cm x W7.4cm x H2.6cm


Package Includes:

Engraving Kit:

  • 1 x Engraver Machine
  • 1 x Handpiece
  • 1 x Handpiece Cradle
  • 1 x Handpiece Holder
  • 1 x 100-240V Charger (AU Plug)
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 6 x Diamond Coated Burs in Four Sizes (2x 0.5mm, 2x 0.8mm, 1x 1.0mm and 1x 1.5mm)
  • 1 x Glass Marking Pencil
  • 1 x Mini Atomiser Spray Bottle
  • 1 x Acrylic Bur Stand
  • 1 x Disposable Dust Mask
  • 1 x Microfibre Cloth
  • 1 x Rub ‘n Buff – Gold Leaf 15ml
  • 3 x Cotton Buds
  • 1 x Dustproof Bag Protector


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29 reviews for Brushless Engraving Kit

  1. Zizicalligraphy

    This is the best engraver I have ever had. You can barely feel the vibration while you are engraving, so you can write free and smoothly as you write on papers. And the battery lasts for a very long time for one changed up. This is totally a game charger and I would definately recommend to anyone who wants to get a professor engraver.

  2. FionaAriva

    I have used so many different engravers in the past and this one is noticeably the best. It is so sleek, quiet, cordless, professional-looking and is my go-to engraver for activation events. It has a pause function, which is convenient since you don’t have to constantly switch it on and off if you have lots of items to be engraved. Shipping was super fast and I would highly recommend this kit from iNGkstudio.

  3. D’Grace Jewellery

    Absolutely love this engraver, I’ve tried many different engravers and hand pieces for the past 20 years. This is for sure the most quiet and smooth one I have ever used. There is hardly any vibration when I’m engraving, it gives me great control, so it feels like I’m using a pen instead of a drill. I was also amazed on how long the battery lasts, great for live events. It will definitely bring you the best result and enhance your engraving. I would highly recommend this kit from the iNGkstudio

  4. Azalea

    I got this engraver as an upgrade to my generic ebay engraving machine. Such a game changer! So easy to use and and such a quiet machine. Writing has been so much easier – less wobbling and jumping while writing. There’s also less vibrations from the handpiece, which means less strain on the hand! The design is also so chic and minimal which is great for live events. If you’re going to get a hand engraving machine, definitely get this one!

  5. Alison Curtis

    I love this engraver! The smoothest I’ve tried and a professional look which is perfect for live events. The battery life is amazing and can last a 5-6 hour engraving event with no issues.

    The kit is perfect having all the items you need to get started without having to research each thing & pay separate shipping.

    Highly recommend!!

  6. Elena Melnichuk

    I’m relatively new to engraving – and this engraver has made learning such a breeze. The vibration is really minimal which allows you to have more control over your strokes and also is great for the hand fatigue. The battery life is brilliant – I can engrave for hours on end and it uses just a fraction of the battery life. Love everything about this wonderful pack – down to the customer service and the beautiful wrapping. 100% recommend.

  7. A Small Drop of Ink

    This brushless engraver makes engraving a breeze! It is so smooth to write with and the vibration is really minimal!
    I have never had an issue with battery life and it charges very quickly when you need to use it on the go!
    Definitely recommend this engraver if you are experienced or new to engraving! Definitely the perfect choice for your engraving events!

  8. Tilliink

    Blown away with this engraver!
    Quiet, smooth, easy to control with minimal vibration.
    Light weight allows you to engrave intricate detail professionally.
    Exceptional service from Ingk Studio.
    10/10 recommend

  9. Charlotte

    This engraver is functionally and visually perfect for my engraving work both at home and at events! The vibration is so minimal that it keeps my hand at ease for hours of engraving! The stop/start function was also a game-changer, making the whole engraving process so much smoother. I would definitely recommend!

  10. Calligraphywithamy_ (verified owner)

    It was absolutely delightful to be able to begin my engraving journey as soon as I received this kit in the mail! As I had never engraved before, I was definitely nervous about engraving for the first time as I was incredibly daunted by what it would be like to use it. However, as I turned on the engraver, the quietness and softness of the vibration was such a pleasant surprise! I was able to engrave with such ease, comfort and control – I love it!

  11. Kellyscript (verified owner)

    This brushless engraver machine itself is very quiet, actually makes no noise at all. Engraving is very smooth and feels a lot easier to engrave with.
    I also like the new features of being able to pause the machine instead of turning it off and on every time – perfect for busy events!
    The kit itself is packed with all the essentials you need for engraving which is perfect – normally the machine itself would cost this much and you’d have to pay for the drill burs separately, so the entire kit is a great deal and a great investment to your engraving journey.

  12. Paper2Glass (verified owner)

    This engraver is compact, light, and portable. Perfect to use at home or at live events. The machine is quiet and offers little to no vibrations which is ergonomic for the hands and allow for smoother lines. My favourite feature is the pause button which means I don’t have to turn the machine on and off all the time. This machine is functional in all aspects and Laura’s customer service is exceptional. This machine is well worth my investment.

  13. KertasLembar (verified owner)

    Having this Brushless Engraver Kit is my best decision to start my engraving journey. I love that this kit comes with one package full of items that any engraver would use. The meticulous detail of items provided in this kit are all that we need, from the Stabillo Pencil, Rub n Buff to Acrylic bur Stand, they’re all in this kit.

    Love the handpiece too, it’s like holding a marker, so comfortable for ladies’ grip. Engraving became easier cause I have all that I need in one purchase. Not to mention, the kindness to provide any information we need related to engraving. I am glad to own this engraver. Thank you Ingkstudio for making this happen.

  14. Claire (IndelibleInk Calligraphy) (verified owner)

    This brushless engraver is a dream to work with. Its smooth and responsive. The pause function is an amazing addition to this product! Ingkstudio has provided everything in this kit such as the burs, anti fog glasses and bur stand which is well though out for any in studio events as well to take on site. Thank you Laura for an amazing product

  15. Emily

    This engraver kit is SO USER-FRIENDLY. I love that it comes with basically everything you need to get started. The machine is so quiet, and I love the pause button. Packaging was also super on point! And if I had any questions regarding the product/engraving, IngkStudio always takes the time to answer me and is always super helpful.

  16. Leah Chong @leahdesign (verified owner)

    Thank you Laura for providing this brushless engraving kit! Not only is Laura’s customer service top-notch and the package is so well-packed, this brushless engraver is a huge upgrade from my previous dremel stylo+. The handpiece is slim and easy to grip, very much like holding your writing tools (brush pen / pointed). Given that it’s comfortable, it’ll come in handy especially for long hours during live events. The engraver is also cordless and rechargeable, and most importantly – significantly quieter than the dremel! Again, great for live events. Just a quick note, to anyone reading who’s not from Australia, make sure you get a suitable travel adapter as it’s an AU plug but other than that, you’re all set and good to go! Everything you need is in the kit. Thank you Laura once again, as well as the speedy delivery (only 5 days from Australia to Singapore!). If you’re thinking of getting an engraver, this is a great investment and very well worth the price. Excited to use this for many years to come!

  17. Lidya (verified owner)

    Thank you so much Laura for the awesome engraving kit! Loving how quiet n minimum vibration it is. The battery last quite long before it needs charging again n it’s fast to be fully charged back. The grip for the engraver is very comfortable too! I highly recommend this kit and last but not least, Laura’s customer service is awesomely superb! Thank you so much Laura for patiently answering my questions about the engraver!❤

  18. By CH Atelier

    Upgraded to this brushless engraving kit & it is the best investment ever! It has changed my engraving experience to the next level. The stabilisation of this engraver, minimal vibration, allows me to smoothly engrave onto any surfaces I work with. Cannot not love the pause button and how long lasting the battery is too – perfect for events! Totally in love with this engraving kit.

    A definite must have engraver kit!

  19. Little Moments Lettering

    This is literally the best engraver that I’ve used! So quite, so smooth, so user friendly. What about the vibration? Can barely even feel it! And the fact that it’s cordless, you can just bring it anywhere with you and the battery life lasts ages! The pause/play button is so handy too! I cannot recommend this enough!
    If you’re looking for an engraver, this is it! Thank you Laura for bringing this amazing engraver into my life! IT’S PERFECT!

  20. Katharine Deboy

    This engraver is fantastic! Works so smoothly, the battery lasts for ages, and the pause function is super handy. It also looks incredibly sleek and professional. The kit has absolutely everything you need to get started, which is amazing because as a first time engraver, there were so many pieces that I didn’t know I would need. And as if all of that isn’t enough, the customer service is superb. I would HIGHLY recommend this product. If you are looking around for an engraver (like I was) and not sure what to buy, you can call off your search because this is the product you need!

  21. Floryntina Majalang

    If you are looking to buy an engraver or to upgrade, get this kit. I recently upgraded to the brushless kit and safe to say, I’m in love. Comfortable to hold, very minimal vibration, quiet and the whole set just looks sleek and professional. Easy to bring around and the pause button – game changer! I actually feel I could work and engrave faster as I do not have to turn the dial again and again, whilst keeping the same RPM. When I got the kit, I was testing it out for half a day and the battery life is just great! Everything in this kit is so good – from the engraver stand to the acrylic bur stand. The little details just brings this kit up a notch. To top it all off, the customer service from Laura of iNGk Studio is outstanding. Don’t hesitate, add this to your cart now! This is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

  22. Candy Ng

    I love using this brushless engraving tool
    It’s the best that I have found in the market
    – Light and stylish design
    – Very quiet
    – Comfortable pen handle, it’s almost similar to writing calligraphy using a normal pen, you won’t feel tired after hours of engraving project
    – Great for not only writing calligraphy but also engraving pattern or drawings

    Such a pleasure to use this tool, I love it!

  23. Letterally (Fabiola) (verified owner)

    So in love with this engraving tools!☺️❤️ It has minimal vibration that makes engraving easier. It feels like using a usual pen for calligraphy. Also, it’s really quiet🥰👍🏻 It’s worth to buy.

  24. Charlotte (verified owner)

    Amazing. So much easier and ‘precise’ using my natural calligraphy style!

  25. Katherine Demchenko

    This is my first engraver! I love how it is like holding a pen in my hand, minimal vibrations and great results!
    Changing burs are super easy and quick!
    The look is sleek and modern, and battery lasts for a long time!
    Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking into buying their first engraver and definitely will be buying again!

  26. Rosabel (RosemayStudio) (verified owner)

    Love the brushless engraver kit! This is my first engraver that I’ve been using for a couple of weeks now and the weight and grip of the hand-piece are amazing, it’s quiet, has minimum vibration making it super easy to control and overall, very user-friendly 🙂 I love how the kit has everything to get you started and I can’t wait to use it on more projects! Thank you so much Laura!

  27. Gia Zamora

    I must say, I love this engraver. I bought it as a back-up but will use it now as my primary. It creates minimal noise, also has a slimmer and lighter handpiece – which I think makes a huge difference when using the engraver for full day of engraving. I also appreciate how the body is simple and black, very discreet! Ingkstudio also includes a lot of additional things you would need as an engraver on this kit. Saves you time in figuring out and purchasing things separately. Ow, the engraver bag is a must too! Fits 2 engravers perfectly!

  28. Inksroom – Dora

    As soon as I tried it I fell in love! 🤍The grip is amazing and there is minimal vibration so it is very easy to work with 🙂 I highly recommend it to everyone! I ordered from Slovakia and my package arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much Laura and the iNGk team 🤍

  29. Tanya

    After reading all the good reviews here thought I should invest in my first engraver. As a newbie to engraving I found the instrument easy to use and loved how the kit came with everything I needed to begin this new craft. It was important for me to have a quality instrument I didn’t need to keep upgrading and could be used professionally. It’s very stylish and love how it’s portable. Definitely a great investment.

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